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If you would like the intellectual knowledge of what it takes to get great search engine placement, then you’ve come to the right place!

Are you with a medium to large size firm seeking more of a web presence and improved search engine visibility but paying $15K-$200K is not in your budget to optimize a few pages of ONE website? Perhaps you are with a marketing firm or web hosting firm and have a number of clients that are currently paying-per-click (PPC or Sponsored Links) for their search engine placement and you would like to divert those dollars to your pocket in lieu of the huge search engines’ pocket all-the-while helping your client get more business and reducing their cost of sales? We have put together something that is quite unique, a turnkey search engine optimization program that not only teaches you how to optimize websites but the software that comes with the knowledge is an all-inclusive client tracking, billing, management and sales tool as well. There are countless firms (ours included) that are willing to optimize your website but none that will come to you and teach you what it takes to obtain great search engine placement! Once you learn how, why not launch 100’s or even 1,000’s of websites? There are only 10 positions on the front page of the search engines, why not stack the deck in your favor with multiple websites?

  • The client tracking program manages your customer base so you can concentrate on new sales! Some of the benefits of the system include:
  • Unique SEO tool emulating a search engine spider offering detailed analysis of the sample site
  • Monthly automated site testing with system generated email notification
  • Automated credit card billing and history tracking
  • Lead generation/management tool with virtually unlimited leads on current businesses doing PPC

For about the cost of 2-3 mid-level corporate optimizations from one of the “big boys”, you can have the knowledge and tools necessary to own and operate your own SEO firm OR use the knowledge to launch your own massive web campaign to dominate in your market. The system has proven itself effective over 11,000 times with every site we’ve touched obtaining great search engine placement. We are 100% successful in obtaining great search engine placement! Call us for more details! (469) 458-6388