We began our IT experience as the search portal for ESPNoutdoors.com back in 1998.  We built a search engine and directory for ESPN but that quickly transitioned to helping people with their AOL, Yahoo and MSN placement.  We began by helping 50 existing clients “fix” their websites so they were search engine friendly.  The term Search Engine Optimization hadn’t been coined yet!  Our founder is still involved today and our head tech has been with us since day one!

Fast forward to today, our team of 16 has helped over 11,000 clients “fix” their sites enabling them to cancel their expensive pay-per-click campaigns.  Arguably the most rewarding accomplishment is that as of early 2019, we have helped 106 people start their own Internet marketing business.  We offer a comprehensive program with training, a licensed copy of our proprietary software, leads, a website, coaching and mentoring for a year to ensure their success.  If you follow our recommendations, we are so certain of success, we guarantee it to happen or a refund is given!

Whether you are in search of front-page Google placement, or wanting to start your own company with recurring income, GMP Internet Marketing will be there to provide that to you, with guaranteed results or your money back!